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Hello! Welcome to the Kaevarian Chatter ShoutBox. :) Please abide by all rules.
whitemareofmabon: Get well soon Tribby, I know you've been suffering a bit lately Nov 14, 2013 12:39:46 GMT
whitemareofmabon: Oh wow so excited about everything that's going on Nov 14, 2013 12:39:49 GMT
tayshroomie: Love all the new things! Nov 14, 2013 15:27:48 GMT
Relic Art: Since Relic has still not heard from her linist, today will be dedicated to lining up our breeding items and some of our mutation-giving items, along with lining up the Koitsune so that way those who won customs will be able to finally use them! So sorry Nov 14, 2013 19:58:45 GMT
Relic Art: for the wait my lovelies. Hired a linist 'cause I've been sick and busy with actual work and home life, only to find time to pop back on and find out my linist probably won't be doing any more, and what they had done only provided messy screen shots Nov 14, 2013 19:59:38 GMT
Relic Art: *cracks knuckles* But fear not! Relic will get her super sauce pumping and get this going! And to make up for it our first week in generals will have a lot of give aways. *nodnod* Nov 14, 2013 20:01:11 GMT
tayshroomie: Awwww well at least its fixable! Tay is excited to get her first! Nov 14, 2013 20:48:11 GMT
whitemareofmabon: Awww that's too bad, hope you mange to find more reliable help soon :) Nov 14, 2013 21:12:41 GMT
Yania: As do I Mabon haha as it has really delayed us Nov 14, 2013 21:55:36 GMT
tribbler: okay the shout thing is doing weird things to tribby's messages, it showed it twice, so I figured maybe it posted twice, so i tried to "x" the extras, then all poofed.. Nov 15, 2013 0:38:02 GMT
tribbler: But anyhow.. again.. Yay rp replies! =D So glad to have more pees there! -starts to read- Nov 15, 2013 0:38:28 GMT
Relic Art: FreeForums is kinda weird like that from time to time. The SB may glitch up and it will make it look like you double posted. It's fine. :) No one will get in trouble for it Nov 15, 2013 0:43:09 GMT
tribbler: Okay, thats good haha, because I know one site that if you posted the same message twice in their box they banned you from it for like a week for spamming it :[ Nov 15, 2013 0:48:47 GMT
tribbler: The post you made, did the pup leave the item with me [Tribby] or with another user? Want to be sure I'm replying to this right XD Nov 15, 2013 0:53:20 GMT
tribbler: -rereads the post- my brain doesn't wanna remember it long enough to type a reply.. -pets brain- poor thing.. its so sicky Nov 15, 2013 0:53:48 GMT
tribbler: its lame.. but post is made XD haha Nov 15, 2013 1:03:45 GMT
Yania: Happy birthday to me! Needles in yo ears Nov 16, 2013 10:46:40 GMT
tribbler: Happy birthday :3 Nov 16, 2013 15:08:01 GMT
tayshroomie: ^_^ Nov 18, 2013 3:00:08 GMT
tribbler: It's been quiet =X Dec 11, 2013 17:43:51 GMT
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